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Discipline Poilcy

Larsen Elementary School believes that the behavior of students attending our school should reflect standards of good citizenship required of members in a democratic society. Self discipline (responsibility for willingness to accept the consequences of one’s actions) is one of the most important, ultimate goals of education and the mark of a mature individual.  To access Nebo School District policies, please click on the following link:  District policy page.

School Expectations and Procedures

Learning Environment

Be Safe

Be Respectful

Be Responsible

Arrival and Dismissal

  • Stay on sidewalks and use crosswalks

  • Walk your wheels on school property

  • Keep hands and feet to self

  • Walk straight to where you are expected before & after school

  • Use appropriate & friendly language

  • Hold door open for the person behind you

  • Boss your body


  • Arrive and leave on time

  • Sit & study or read when waiting inside quietly

  • Play safely when outside

  • Leave the school building using assigned exits for your class


  • Keep pace at a walk and face forward

  • Keep lines straight

  • Walk to the right

  • Let others pass

  • Hold door open for person behind you

  • Boss your body

  • Respect displays in the hallway


  • Follow adult directions

  • Respect displays in the hallways

  • Stay together as a class

  • Go straight to where you are going


  • Follow game rules

  • Play with & use equipment appropriately

  • Stay within designated boundaries

  • Report unsafe equipment or people

  • Play fair, share equipment, & include everyone

  • Use appropriate & friendly language & a respectful tone of voice

  • Boss your body and respect adults


  • Follow adult direction

  • Put equipment away

  • Respond to the whistle/bell

  • Get permission to use the bathroom, get a drink, or leave the playground area

Inside Recess

  • Follow game and class rules

  • Walk in the classroom

  • Stay in classroom or designated area

  • Use materials appropriately

  • Play fair, share equipment, & include everyone

  • Use appropriate & friendly language & a respectful tone of voice

  • Boss your body


  • Follow adult directions/signals

  • Put materials away

  • Get permission to use the bathroom, get a drink, or leave the room

  • Boss your body


  • Walk quietly

  • Carry the tray with two hands

  • Eat your own food

  • Face the table, feet on the floor, & bottom on the bench

  • Respect adults and use appropriate and friendly language

  • Stay in line and wait patiently

  • Boss your body


  • Follow adult direction

  • Raise hand for help

  • Throw away all of your trash and leave area clean

  • Eat politely


  • Get permission to use the bathroom

  • Use toilets, sinks, and urinals appropriately

  • Wash hands

  • Turn off the sink when finished

  • Respect other's privacy

  • Return to class when finished


  • Flush, wash hands, & then leave

  • Use soap, paper towels, & toilet paper appropriately

  • Leave bathroom area clean & dry

  • Tell adult when there’s a problem


  • Follow adult direction

  • Follow library rules

  • Walk in the library

  • Boss your body, share & take turns

  • Use appropriately & friendly language

  • Be respectful of adults & others


  • Use materials with care

  • Clean up after yourself, & put materials away

  • Act appropriately in line

  • Follow adult directions

Computer Lab

  • Sit the right way

  • Walk in the lab

  • Use the Internet appropriately

  • Boss your body

  • Share & take turns

  • Use appropriate & friendly language


  • Use materials appropriately & responsibly

  • Follow adult directions

  • Clean & put materials away

  • Push in chairs


  • Follow adult directions

  • Follow game rules

  • Play with & use equipment appropriately

  • Report unsafe people/equipment

  • Boss your body

  • Share/Take turns & encourage others

  • Use appropriate & friendly language


  • Use equipment/materials appropriately

  • Follow adult directions

  • Clean up after yourself

  • Put materials away


  • Walk & sit facing forward

  • Keep space between you & others

  • Stay with your class

  • Carry your chair the correct way

  • Enter, exit, & sit quietly

  • Boss your body

  • Be a good audience


  • Follow adult directions

  • Listen to presenter

  • Clap when appropriate

  • Wait to be dismissed


  • Get adults attention appropriately

  • Have an office or phone pass

  • Use kind words and actions


  • Follow adult directions

  • Use office phone with permission

Choose to Behave
  • You know what you should or should not be doing!
Report Students
  • Report students who mistreat you or others to an adult! 
All of our students have excellent behavior the vast majority of the time. Therefore, our main emphasis is to encourage positive student behavior through positive verbal reinforcement, and positive school programs.


Consequences of NOT Following the Rules
Periodically some students choose not to follow our school rules.  These students will receive verbal reminders and/or warnings, lost valued time and privileges, received in-class or in-school suspension, and /or participate in student/parent/principal conference or Skill Building.  For severe or repeated infractions, the principals may work with parents to coordinate an out-of-school suspension for a period of time.

Serious Offences
Our philosophy is that teacher must be able to teach and students must be able to learn. The following rules are serious enough that when they are broken, parents will be notified and students may also be temporarily suspended from school and/or activities.
  • Safe School Violations – arson, burglary, stealing, battery (fighting and/or a punch connecting with someone else’s body), criminal mischief, intimidation, verbal abuse (swearing, foul language and any inappropriate language and gestures), illegal activities, leaving school grounds without permission and possessing weapons or facsimiles.
  • Violation of the Drug and Alcohol/Tobacco Policy
  • Sexual Harassment Violations- This includes, but is not limited to, the following:
    Derogatory or offensive jokes, teasing, or comments of a sexual nature 
    Graphic remarks or sexual comments about an individual’s body 
    Sexually suggestive or obscene telephone calls, letters, notes or invitation 
    Sexually suggestive or obscene pictures, cartoons, posters, or objects 
    Grabbing, pinching, or touching of private areas 
    Deliberate cornering, shouldering or bumping in hallways 
    Sexual gestures, unwanted pats, or hugs, or any unwanted touching 
    Any form of sexual threat, intimidation, or exploitation 
    Spreading of sexual rumors 
    Actual or attempted assault 
    Sexist remarks or gender-based stereotyping 
    Pantsing male or female students, flipping up girls’ dresses, etc.
Parents will be notified by phone when misbehavior is of a serious nature. If necessary, a meeting will be set up with the parents, the student, the teacher and/or the principal to discuss appropriate measures to help students change their behaviors. Suggestions may include, but are not limited to counseling, Skill Building, loss of school privileges, parent conferences or parent attendance at school or school activities, transfer to alternative class or placement, or out of school suspension and home counseling. Actions determined to be criminal will be reported to the Pupil Services Department and/or law enforcement authorities.
All students are entitled to appropriate due process in all matters of school discipline and students will not be questioned by law enforcement officers without the permission of a parent.
Our main goal is to teach students proper respect for authority and property, to foster good citizenship and to promote high personal standards of courtesy, decency, morality, clean language, honesty, and wholesome relationships with others.
Special Note: Students will be disciplined in a manner that takes into consideration disabilities or other problems they may have.