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Health & Safety

Accidents and Illness
Whenever an accident/illness of a serious nature occurs, we do all we can to contact parents. If we are unsuccessful, we will notify your emergency numbers. Under no circumstances do we send a child home unless the parent or person listed as emergency contact gives us permission.
In compliance with state law, all students enrolled in a public school must have a completed immunizations form on file before admission to school. If you have any questions concerning this, regulations please contact the Utah County Health Department at 370-8725.
School personnel cannot give children medication unless a Medication Administration Release Form has been completed by the physician. These forms are available in the office. Students may be given a non-aspirin pain reliever when given permission by the parents.
Emergency Contact Numbers
Many times during the school year it becomes necessary to contact parents during the school day. Please make sure that current information is on file in the office by keeping you information updated on SIS. All numbers are kept confidential and are for school use only.
Going to and from School
Please establish a pattern for coming to/from school. Encourage your child to meet at a specified spot, walk with a sibling/friend, obey traffic rules, take the safest most direct route, walk on sidewalk, look before crossing, cross only at corners, and refuse offers from strangers.
Emergency Evacuation
In the event of a major disaster affecting the community, students will be held at school and be released only to family members. In the event of a disaster, school staff will remain at the school and care for the students. Students will participate in drills to help prepare for emergencies. If a disaster would require that the school be evacuated, we would gather at the fence line according to grade levels or if that wasn’t possible, we would move to the Benson LDS Church on 1300 East Flonette, just east of the school. A secondary site would be Diamond Fork Jr. High.