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Student Behavior

Recess and Proper Dress 
Children need fresh air and exercise. Children should arrive at school dressed for the weather of the day. All children are expected to go outside for recess except in extreme conditions. If your child cannot participate for health reasons, please send a note.

Dress Code

Clothing should be modest, neat, clean and in good repair and shall include shoes. Modest shall include covering shoulders, midriff and back. Short shorts, tank tops, halter tops, extremely short skirts, or inappropriate messages on clothing do not meet these modesty standards. Hair must be neat, clean, and well groomed. No unnatural colors will be tolerated. Hats and caps shall not be worn during the regular school day. Nebo Policy #JFCA

Lunchroom Policies and Procedures

Students are expected to use good lunchroom manners. This will create a pleasant lunchroom environment. Conversation and quiet talking are permitted. Students should keep food on the tray and be sure that uneaten food gets put in the garbage. Running is not permitted in the lunchroom or halls. Students will go directly to the playground after eating. If it is storming or very cold students will be able to use the multipurpose room. Students may use the restrooms near the lunchroom. Students will not be allowed back to their classrooms during the lunch time.

Items Brought to School by Students

Students are not to bring items to school which will distract themselves or others from learning. Cell phones are highly discouraged. If a parent gives permission for a cell phone, it must be turned off and stored in the student’s backpack. All audio-type devices are not allowed at school (i.e. ipods, mp3 players, cd players, etc.)

Student Use of Phone
School phones are for school business. Students will be allowed to use the phone when ill, in case of an emergency, etc. Students will need a phone pass from their teacher to use the phone. Students will be denied the use of the phone to arrange after school plans.