4-H Christmas Around the World Registration


Register for 4-H Afterschool Christmas Around the World.  Choose Session 1 (Dec 5-9) OR Session 2 (Dec 12-16).  Each session meets five times, every day after school for 1 week.  Students will learn about how different countries celebrate Christmas as they make crafts, try new foods, and learn about different cultures! What is the cost-if you register your child with 4-H online before Dec 5 IT'S FREE!  Read below for more information. Register here: https://www.eventbrite.com/o/larsen-afterschool-4-h-7744638621 

Utah State 4-H is raising how much WE pay for each child to participate in 4-H.  This raise happens January 1, 2017.  Students that are already in 4-H online will not be affected by the change.  For this reason, we will give you Christmas Around the World Club free if your child is registered in 4-H online for this year.  Not sure how to do that? Go to the 4-H Information page on this website for information on how to register.