6th Grade Visit Water Treatment Plant


On a brisk April morning, the Larsen Elementary 6th grade students and teachers embarked on a journey.  Their quest was to experience science happening in their community.  The chosen destination was the Spanish Fork City Waste water Treatment Plant.  As the buses pulled into our destination,  the students immediately reacted.  "EEEWWW!!! What is that smell?"  shouted the students.  It was met with smiles from the teachers as we knew what it was.  Isn't learning great?  We have been studying harmful and helpful microorganisms and their impact on our world.  This field trip allowed our students to see an everyday process that is aided by helpful microorganisms.  Waste water goes through a multi-step treatment process to return it to a clean and usable product we rely on.  Thank you Bacteria!  This purification process is something that the students admittedly took for granted because clean water is always available when they need it.  We hope that this field trip helped each student have a greater respect for what happens behind the scenes to provide the quality of life they are used to.  Thank you to Dennis Sorensen and his workers for giving us a tour that taught our students how microorganisms help our community have clean water to use and drink.