Larsen 5th Graders Graduate from D.A.R.E


Our Larsen 5th Graders had their D.A.R.E graduation ceremony recently.  Officer Dewitt runs our D.A.R.E program.  He does such a great job helping the students understand the dangers of alcohol, tobacco and drugs.  Officer Dewitt shared with the students some stories of people who have had a problem with drugs and how they have hurt their bodies and their lives. He let the kids look through his police car, brought the K-9 dogs, wear googles that show them how it is to be impaired and many other activities.  Seven students got to read their essays during the graduation that they had written pledging to never take drugs. The winning essays were from Danielle Lehman, Hunter Talbot, Emily Marshall, Dallas Terry, Jesse Shepherd, Carson Heber, Sadie Werner. Thank you Officer Dewitt for all your time and effort and helping us to choose to be DRUG FREE!!