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Mrs Beckstead Receives PEAK Award

Submitted by teresa.beebe on Thu, 01/09/2020 - 10:20

Mrs. Beckstead received the PEAK Award and the district board meeting last night.  She was nominated by our principal, Mrs. Thomas.  PEAK is an acronym for Positive Energy and Kindness.  Mrs. Beckstead is every bit of that.  Here is what Mrs. Thomas said about her:

"“Karalee is a very fun and positive person to be around. She brings so much laughter and fun to each day. Karalee is also an extremely hard worker and a dedicated employee. She spends way more time at school than is expected, just to make sure that other employees are ready and well prepared in their respective jobs. She is very knowledgeable in helping new teachers prepare and feel successful as they begin their first few years of teaching. She brings out the best in others with her encouraging words and her positive outlook. Karalee also steps in to complete many tasks that have little to do with her specific job assignment--and does so happily. Karalee is a great asset to Larsen, and we are lucky to have her!”