Paula Carter Receives Grant from Nebo Foundation for Books


Paula Carter, a 2nd grade teacher here at Larsen,  received a grant from the Nebo Foundation to purchase some non-fiction books for her classroom library.  Here is what she said about receiving this grant:

Larsen Elementary–Paula Carter
“I am so excited to be able to add more non-fiction books to our classroom library!  Our class just finished writing chapter books about animals.  They were so excited about what they found out in their research about animals and are eager to take on another task using non-fiction books.  My students are ready to expand their writing experiences with science non-fiction books.  I greatly appreciate the generous donation that the Nebo Foundation has given to enrich my students and their learning.  Since my principal, Garrett Andersen matched the Nebo Foundation donation, my class library will receive twice as many books.  I feel that this donation is the key to opening up many imaginations and creative writers! Thank you so much!!!”