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April 2011

Larsen Pledges To "Spread The Word."

Submitted by natalee.hansen on Mon, 04/25/2011 - 13:14
Ms. Gwen Allen brought her special guest, her brother Neil.
Mrs. Natalee Hansen's special guest, her niece Mckenna
Mrs. Kim Head and her daughters, Ashley and Aubrey

Larsen Elementary helps “Spread the Word to End the Word.”

On Tuesday March 22nd Larsen Elementary students met for an assembly sponsored in part by Special Olympics and Best Buddies International called “Spread the Word to End the Word.” 

Spread the Word is a movement created by youth all over the country that encourages kids to think about the words they use and how what they say affects those around them.  Specifically, Spread the Word is about helping others to be aware of not using the R-word or the word ‘Retarded.’  Using this word is hurtful to those with intellectual disabilities and their families.

Two special guests were invited to come and share some insightful and heartwarming stories.  Ms. Gwen Allen, one of Larsen’s 6th grade teachers brought her brother Neil, and Mrs. Natalee Hansen, a technician at Larsen, brought her niece McKenna. 

Students were then invited to pledge or commit to stop using and help others stop using the R-word and encourage the use of a new R-word…. RESPECT.

We would also like to thank Mrs. Kim Head, Larsen's head librarian and her daughters Aubrey and Ashley for putting together such a great assembly!  Thank you, it was awesome!


Larsen Holds 3rd Grade Spelling Bee

Submitted by natalee.hansen on Mon, 04/25/2011 - 13:07
Picture 094.jpg

Pictured are the winners of the annual Larsen Elementary 3rd Grade Spelling Bee, all from Mrs. Stokes' class. Congratulations to this year's winners of 2011:
Chloe Chandler 1st place, Brooklyn Murray 2nd place, and Katrina Pulido 3rd place.
There were many great spellers this year!
Congratulations to all the finalists - from Mrs. Beckstead's class: Hayley Cardoza, Lyndsey Holdaway, Lena Holdaway, Jackson Smith, and Sean Phelps;

from Mrs. Miller's class: Bryson Evans, Breanna Harding, Madison Linton, William Solorzano and Hannah Prigmore;

and from Mrs. Stokes' class: Brock Anderson, Chloe Chandler, Vanessa Kelepolo, Brooklyn Murray and Katrina Pulido.


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