November 2015

Larsen Elementary Salute Those Who Have Fought For Our Country

As part of Veterans Day, Larsen Elementary classes watched a very moving video called "Project Vigil 2014".  It was about a little 11 year old boy that stood on the shores of Omaha Beach, holding a flag and saluting where so many young Americans died 70 years earlier.  He stood there for an hour and a half to say "thank you" to those braves soldiers.  Each class stood and saluted the flag after watching the video to say their own "thank you" and honor those that have fought for all the freedoms we enjoy in America.  We love our soldiers and are grateful for all they sacrificed so we can live in a free country.  Thank you Veterans from Larsen Elementary!  We love America! 

Please watch the video on the following link:

Veterans Assembly at Larsen


Monday Larsen Elementary had a very special assembly honoring our veterans.  One of the veterans was our own Mr. Scoubes along with other veterans from the American Legion.  We are grateful to them for their sacrifices and fighting for our freedoms that we enjoy everyday. We love America! 

Student Council Attends BYU Leadership Conference


These Student Council superheros took a day to recharge their powers and rejuvenate their dedication to serve.  With their fearless Principal, Mr. Andersen, to light the way, they converged on BYU for an inspiring day on leadership.  They returned to Larsen on a quest to show the student body how to unite so all students learn to share their super powers.

We look forward to amazing things from our Student Council.

Larsen Elementary Carnival


The Larsen Elementary Carnival was a HUGE success!  Thanks to all the PTA and staff for all their hard work in organizing and running all the activities.  Also a big thanks to all the parents and students that came and supported our school.  It was so fun to see all the happy faces. We have the best families at Larsen!

Reflections Contest: Let Your Imagination Fly


Larsen Elementary PTA held their Reflections contest recently.  This years theme was "Let Your Imagination Fly."  Several students participated in all the different catagories.  There were submissions for photography, painting, 3D arts, dance, movie, recordings, sculpture etc.   Everyone that participated also got to attend an ice cream party.   Thank you for all your hard work kids and PTA!  Larsen Elementary is full of great students with amazing imaginations. 


Fall Carnival Reminder


We wanted to remind everyone about the Fall Carnival that is being held tomorrow, November 6.  It goes from 6:00 - 8:30 pm.  Please come and enjoy all the games, food, bounce houses and more!  Hope to see you there!

October Reading Reward Assembly


Larsen students enjoyed a fun reading reward assembly that was put together by our amazing 1st grade teachers!  Students and staff were chosen to come up on stage to participate in various competitions.  The first competition was to pass a hula hoop along to your team while holding hands.  The second was a balloon stomp.  The students put a ballon around their ankles and they had to try and be the first to pop each others ballon.  The third was a dance off between students and teachers.  If you would like to see the video of the dance off then go to our facebook page.  If you haven't "liked" the Larsen Elementary facebook page then please do!  Thanks again teachers and especially thank you students for all the great reading you are doing!

Fall Carnival Pre-Orders Extended to Wednesday


If you have not pre-ordered your tickets and pizza dinners for our fall carnival the deadline has been extended to Wednesday, Nov. 4.  Attached is the order form.  There are extras in the office also.  Avoid the long lines Friday night and get your orders in early! Hope to see you all there!