March 2016

Larsen Ninja Warriors Reading Reward


We have great readers at Larsen Elementary!  This months reading reward was called Larsen Ninja Warriors.  Our 5th grade team put an obstacle course together that students had to run, jump, skip, bounce, hula hoop, crab walk and slide their way through.  Those students who had read enough minutes were chosen to represent their grade and even a few teachers participated in the course.  Look on our Facebook page to watch a video of students competing against each other.  Keep reading kids and thank you 5th grade for organizing all the fun!

First Grade Celebrates 120 Days of School


Larsen 1st graders celebrated 120 days of school this week.  They wrote to 120, made a crown, performed the chicken dance, played games and ate cake.  They also took a picture and turned it into what they would look like when they were 120 years old. It was a busy, fun filled day to be a 1st grader here at Larsen.  Thank you teachers for all your hard work to make it a great!