November 2017

Tom the Turkey Visits Larsen


Some of the classes at Larsen had the priviledge to meet Tom Turkey and learn a little more about him when he visited our school.  Students learned a few interesting facts about turkeys:  Male turkeys "gobble" but female turkeys "bark".  When a male turkeys are calm their heads are blue but when they are mad they turn red.  Also, during the Revolutionary days, their long feathers were used to write with.  We hope we don't see Tom Turkey on our tables in a couple weeks!

Western Hoe Down Larsen

Larsen students were so lucky to have a Western Hoe Down from the Gains ABC the Arts and Me Program.  A couple from St. George that have been square dancing for 45 years came and showed students all the different steps to square dancing.  Three seperate assemblies were held so that students had hands on help learning the steps.  Students had so much fun and enjoyed learning a new form of art.

Sub for Santa Information


Here is information on the Sub for Santa program for families in need during this holiday season.  Please look at both pictures to see dates and times of open houses  through out Utah County.  The number to call for any questions on the Sub for Santa program is 801-356-6200.

Jack and the Beanstalk Comes to Larsen

The TYE Company from UVU presented "Jack and the Beanstalk" to the students at Larsen.  It was a delightful musical that was actually written by a UVU student.  The theater students at UVU perform a traveling play each semester for elementary schools.  The role of Jack was performed by our own Mrs. Voss' son. 

Larsen Halloween Parade


Larsen Elementary held it's annual spooky Halloween Parade.  Students and teachers marched around showing  all the parents and family  their Halloween costumes.  After the parade,  the PTA helpers planned parties full of games, crafts and food for each class.  Thank you to all who helped and made Halloween at Larsen a spooky day.  

Halloween at Hogwarts


Larsen Elementary was transformed into Hogwarts for Halloween.  When students walked in the door it was as if they had just walked into the halls of the magical school.  It was so fun to see all the childrens faces look in amazement as they walked through the halls.  Many of them were so excited to see characters from their favorite Harry Potter novels.  They were even excited to see the man "who's name shall not be named."  Happy Halloween from Hogwarts!