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June 2019

Online Registration for 2019-2020 School Year Begins July 25th

Submitted by teresa.beebe on Thu, 06/20/2019 - 09:48

Online registration for Larsen Elementary 2019-2020 school year will begin on July 25th.  If you do not have access to a computer or if you need to bring in birth certificate, immunization records, proof of residency for new students, come to our office July 30th between 8-4.

Below are the steps to follow to register your students:

*Go to

*Click on the registration tab on the top right

*Click on "Complete Online Portion"

*Choose whether it is a new student or a current student and if you have already set up an Aspire account.

*If you have an Aspire account already, then your students names should show up and you can begin the registration process.  If you don't have one set up then you will follow promts on how to do that.

*Register students.

*Make sure to electronically sign the agreements.  You will scroll to the bottom of each page and a yellow box will appear.  That is where you sign each agreement.  Your signature must be typed exactly how it appears on the aspire account. 

Call the office if you have any questions.


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