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2nd Grade Students Learn A thing Or Two About "Mining"!

Submitted by natalee.hansen on Fri, 11/02/2012 - 12:35
N.Hill / M.Beck

Larsen 2nd grade students loved their visit to Utah's Kennecott Bingham Copper Canyon Mine in Bingham UT. The 2nd graders were completely amazed at how big the mine actually was.  The huge mine is 2-3/4 miles across at the top and 3/4 of a mile deep. You could stack two Sears Towers on top of each other and still not reach the top of the mine.

Students were in awe of the giant electric shovels that can scoop 85 tons of material in a single pass, and the giant dump trucks which stand over 23 feet tall.  The students had a great time touring the visitors center playing with all of the interactive displays and exhibits and learing lots of fun new things,   What an amazing fun day! WAY TO GO LEOPARDS!!