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5th Grade Visits Olympic Park

Submitted by natalee.hansen on Thu, 01/10/2013 - 14:59
M.Wood / N.Hansen

Right before Thanksgiving break; our 5th grade students had the opportunity to visit the Olympic Park up in Park City. We had fun learning about how winter sports have changed over the years, the different equipment they use, how snow happens through the water cycle, and snowflake formations. The students also got to walk along the actual track used for bobsledding and the skeleton man races. Unfortunately, we were checking it out in between competitions and couldn’t stay to watch but we got to see some of the athletes at their award ceremony. Overall, it was a very fun (and cold) experience. The student’s also received a free voucher to ride either the ski lift or alpine slide so I’m sure they’ll be back!  Way To Go Leopards!