School News

Larsen Halloween Parade


Larsen Elementary held it's annual spooky Halloween Parade.  Students and teachers marched around showing  all the parents and family  their Halloween costumes.  After the parade,  the PTA helpers planned parties full of games, crafts and food for each class.  Thank you to all who helped and made Halloween at Larsen a spooky day.  

Halloween at Hogwarts


Larsen Elementary was transformed into Hogwarts for Halloween.  When students walked in the door it was as if they had just walked into the halls of the magical school.  It was so fun to see all the childrens faces look in amazement as they walked through the halls.  Many of them were so excited to see characters from their favorite Harry Potter novels.  They were even excited to see the man "who's name shall not be named."  Happy Halloween from Hogwarts!

4th and 6th Grades Visit Jordanelle Dam


Larsen 4th and 6th graders and the unique opprotunity to visit the Jordanelle Dam and take a tour of the sight sponsored by CUWCD .  Students were able to learn how they use water to create electricity.  The Jordanelle Dam Hydropower plant is a green power source—it leaves no carbon footprint. Hydropower is one of the most efficient ways to generate energy.   After touring the Dam the students were provided lunch and even got some prizes to take home.  Thank you CUWCD for letting Larsen Elementary visit.

5th Grade Learning About Anatomy


BYU students have been coming to teach the fifth graders about anatomy. So far they have learned about bones, muscles, the heart, and lungs. When the students were learning about the heart, they had the chance to touch a pig's heart and see what is inside. 

Halloween Parade

It's that spooky time of year again and Larsen Elementary is getting ready for their annual Halloween Parade.  It will be held on Halloween Day at 1:00 PM.  The parade will start by the west playground and wind around the big tree out front.  There are no weapons or masks permitted with costumes.  Hope to see all you spooks there!

Picture Day Tomorrow


Just a reminder that picture retakes are tomorrow, October 24.  Please send your old packets back if you want your students pictures retaken.  Thanks!

Thank You Mrs Thomas


Happy Principal's Week to Mrs. Thomas!  Larsen Elementary is so lucky to have such an amazing woman as our principal.  She is such a champion for students and wants every single one to suceed in their education.  Mrs. Thomas makes sure that she gets to know each student by name and that they feel welcome and loved while at our school.  One student was heard walking down the hall saying "Mrs. Thomas is so cool and she new my name."  You will see her walking around in all of her different colored Converse shoes having fun with the students.  Mrs. Thomas will always point out all the positive attributes that a child has and makes them feel like they have someone that believes in them.

Her staff is equally as lucky to have her as their leader.  She works hard at helping all of our teachers acheive success in their classrooms and makes sure that they know she supports them fully.  Mrs. Thomas is concerned about what is going on in each of their lives and goes the extra mile to help in whatever way she can.  Many countless hours are spent by her at the school making sure that everything is running smoothly and that everyone is happy.  

Thank you Mrs. Thomas for all you do!  You are simply the BEST!

4-H Session 2 Registration


Click on the link below to register for 4-H Session 2 beginning at 7:00 am on October 18. We have exciting news this session. If you get on and register your child with the county 4-H program ( ) your child can come to 4-H for FREE! This needs to be redone once a year, every year after October 1, so everyone should reregister!

Picture Retakes October 24th


Picture retakes will be held on October 24th. Students will need to bring their picture packets  to turn in for retakes.  If your student missed our first picture day they can get their picture taken then .  A flyer will be coming home soon.