School News

Kindergarten Quilt Day


Mrs. Eckhardt's kindergarten classes had fun playing games on quilts and blankets for quilt day recently. The kindergarteners did quilt math, read quilt stories, played a quilt game, and drank hot chocolate.  Such a fun day at kindergarten!!

February Chess Tournament Information



Chess Tournament

for Elementary,

Jr. High, and High School

Saturday February 25, 2017    8:30 am - 2:00 pm approximately

Cherry Creek Elementary 484 S. 200 E. Springville, 84663

Please enter through east doors.

  • Arrive at 8:30 am, instructions at 8:45 am.

  • 6 rounds—all students get to play all rounds.

  • Elementary students K-6 will be grouped by grade.

Jr. High students will be grouped together into one section.

High School students will be grouped together into one section.

9th grade will join either Jr. High or High School based on numbers.

  • Rounds are up to 50 minutes each (i.e. approximately 25 minutes per player).  High School will play 5-6 rounds up to 60 minutes each.

  • Plan on students finishing last round between 12:30 pm and 3:00 pm.  

  • Trophies will be awarded for 1st -7th place per section, and for top 3 elementary schools and top 2 secondary schools.  All other players will receive a medal.

  • Tie breaks will be decided by the computer.

  • Information available for those interested in starting a chess club.

Lunch will be available for purchase: pizza, snacks, etc.

Chess sets and such available for purchase.  Cash or check.

How to register:

Register and pay online starting in February—go to and click on “Nebo District Programs.”

Cost is $8.00 if you register and pay by Feb 11, or $15 thereafter.  

Registrations accepted only through Thursday, Feb 23—

no registration or payment accepted at the door.

Student must be in Nebo School District boundaries, whether attending public, charter, or home school.

Supervision of children is the responsibility of the parents.  Parents and other spectators may not interact with players while they are competing.



Leopard Pride Assembly- Do You Want To Build A Snowman


Students had a fabulous time at the Leopard Pride Assembly.  Our 4th grade team put together a competition to build a snowman between each grade level.  The participants had to wrap a student in tissue paper, add the buttons and nose, then top it off with the hat and scarf.  It was a race to finish first with lots of cheering and laughs.  We sure built some cute snowmen.

5th Grade Studies Chemical Changes Using Ice Cream


In 5th grade, we spent a couple of weeks learning about matter. We focused a good portion of time on the chemical and physical changes that happen all around us; for example, popping popcorn (physical change) and using gasoline in a car (chemical change). The other day, we decided to create our own physical change--making ice cream! Everyone took their bags of milk, sugar, vanilla, and icy salt to make the delicious treat. We had a grand ol' time tossing, and then eating our very own "school-made" ice cream!

5th and 6th Grade Science Fair


Our 5th and 6th grades shared their science projects with the school, judges and parents yesterday.  We also had one 2nd grader that participated.  The students had worked hard on performing their experiments and proving their scientific theories.  They also found out that science can be really fun!  The following names are the winners: William Stoneman, Ethan Knotts, Jaron Beebe, Olivia Greer, Samantha Gull, Makell Heaton, Daxton White, Addi Stubbs, Jayden McQuiston, Kaden Simmons, Eli Hewett and Shanae Orton.  Great job students!

1st Grade Celebrates Science Day With 4th Grade


We had a wonderful day celebrating science! Mrs. Shepherd's and Mr. Scoubes' fourth grade classes invited Mrs. Wilson's and Mrs. Taylor's first grade classes to participate in some STEM activities! Our goal was to build the tallest tower (some of us had straws, some had cups, and some only had spaghetti noodles!). Some towers even had to hold an egg for 15 seconds! It was exciting to see our students work together and create new, bright ideas. We all developed a better appreciation of science in action!

4th Grade Egg Towers


Mrs. Shepherd's class had an "Egg"celent Science Day!  We worked together to create egg towers.  Our mission was to build the tallest and strongest tower that could hold an egg for 15 seconds!  We only had two that went splat! We were so excited we almost missed lunch!  Mrs. Shepherd's class loves STEM activities!

Kindergarten Nursery Rhyme Day


Friday was Nursery Rhyme Day in Mrs. Eckhardt's kindergarten classes. Students picked their favorite nursery rhyme, and came dressed in a simple costume, prepared to tell it to the class.  From Humpty Dumpty and Jack Be  Nimble to Little Miss Muffet and Hickory Dickory Dock all of the kindergarteners did a great job telling their rhymes, and everyone even tried bravely "Curds and Whey"