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Famous Author "Brandon Mull" visits Larsen Elementary

Students loved meeting Brandon Mull
Brandon Mull talks to students about becoming great authors.
Students chosen from the audience got to make up their own funny story with Mr. Mull.

The students at Larsen Elementary were thrilled to have the wonderful opportunity to meet the famous author, Brandon Mull of the popular series Fablehaven. Students loved listening to Mr. Mull tell about his life grwoing up and how he became a writer, then he talked to and explained how students themselves can become great authors and story tellers themselves. Brandon Mull answered lots of questions from curious children and the best part was when Mr. Mull chose several students from out of the audience to come up on stage with him to make up their own funny story.  A very big thank you to Brandon Mull for taking the time to come and visit Larsen Elementary! 

5th-grade students Travel "Around the World" for Christmas!!

Students were able to meet some of the dancers from BYU.
Up close and personal with several of the dancers from "Around The World".
One of the many dances students watched and experienced from Around The World.
The 5th grade students loved meeting the dancers in their costumes from other countries.
The BYU performers loved meeting with the students.

Israel, Ireland, and India are just three of the places we visited while watching Christmas Around The World.  The fifth grade students at Larsen Elementary traveled not only to BYU, but to other countries as we watched dances performed by the BYU Dance teams.  The costumes were amazing, authentic, and colorful!  It helped us get into the Christmas Spirit!  WAY TO GO LEOPARDS!

Maple Mountain High School Students speak to Larsen Elementary 5th-grade about the D.A.R.E program.

Maple Mountain students speak to 5th graders about D.A.R.E. program.

Four students from Maple Mountain High School visited 5th grade students at Larsen Elementary.  These high school students are role models for the DARE program.  They spoke to the fifth grade about not doing drugs or alcohol.  The fifth grade students were able to ask the high school students thought provoking questions about peer pressure, finding good friends, and having fun in high school.  We appreciated the high school students taking time out of their busy day to spend time with us.  WAY TO GO LEOPARDS!!


Larsen 5th-Graders Visit Olympic Park in Park City!

Smile, students touring the Museum at the Olympic Park in Park City!!
Students watch boblsed teams from around the world practicing at the Olympic Park.
Standing at the top of the Nordic Ski Jump!! Look how high we are!!
Mrs. Jodi Mantilla, Mr. Keir Scoubes, and Mr. Lynn Teuscher take their turn getting a picture in the boblsed.

WOOSH!  The bobsled team just blew by us!  The fifth grade students at Larsen Elementary watched as teams from different countries practiced their bobsled run at Park City Olympic Park.  We also stood at the top of the Nordic Ski Jump in AWE and how high we were.  This was proceeded by a tour of the museum with five rotations learning about water cycle, economics of Park City in 1800's, and memorabilia from the 2002 Utah Olympics.  This is a fantastic field trip that we look forward to every year!  WAY TO GO LEOPARDS!!


6th-Graders Get Spaced Out At Clark Planetarium!!

G. Sorenson
Students get to walk on the moon and explore space.
Students get hands on at Clark Planetarium.
Waiting to watch a space show.
Students watch the pendulum at the Planetarium.

Our sixth grade class had a blast at Clark Planetarium this year!  They walked on the moon, visited Mars and went on a space roller-coaster.  Students were able to explore and experience Science, hands-on, with the wonderful activities that Clark Planetarium offers.  We had so much fun and are anxiously awaiting our next outing!  WAY TO GO LEOPARDS!!

Real Life Mountain Man Visits Larsen Elementary 4th-Grade

Mountain Man Scott Sorenson with 4th-Grade Students
Mountain Man Scott Sorenson talks to students about life in the mountains.
Students get to take turns feeling the furs

Fourth Graders were excited to have a real-life mountain man, Scott Sorenson visit us recently.  He kept us spell-bound as he told us tall tales as well as true stories about the adventures of real mountain men.
We also loved the animal calls he did for us and were excited to learn that we can call a chipmunk by wetting our hand and kissing it.  Believe me, we all had to try it.  We loved being able to stroke the furs he brought as well. WAY TO GO LEOPARDS!!

Larsen Elementary​'s 2nd-grader​s get a special visit!

M. Johnson

Larsen Elementary's second graders got a special treat when Maple Mountain High's football team stopped by to visit with the students and read a few books.  The students had a great time reading with the players and visiting with them about school and being a football player.  We appreciate Coach Burtenshaw and the MMHS's football players taking time to make a positive impact on our students.

Kindergarten students enjoy the day at the Big Red Barn in Santauqin!

A. Eckhardt
1 of 11
Mrs. Lesa Hyer's AM class
Mrs. Angie Eckhardt's AM Class
Mrs. Angie Eckhardt's PM class
Patiently waiting for the wagon ride.
Hang on tight everyone!
This is a bumpy ride.
Eating apples we picked from the orchard while on our wagon ride.
Big, red delicious, apples.
Tasty apple doughnuts.
Delicious doughnuts
The wheels on the bus take us home to Larsen Elementary.

What do kindergarten students love?  To ride the school bus!  What makes it even better?  When the bus takes them to the Big Red Barn in Santaquin.  Kindergarten students got to take a bus ride, and then ride in a big wagon to the apple orchards to pick their own apples.  The day was completed by a run through the maze and an apple doughnut!  What a great day! Way To Go Leopards!!!

Larsen Elementary Kindergarten welcomes special visitors

A. Eckhardt

The kindergarten classes at Larsen had a lot of special visitors on Friday, October 7, 2011.  Grandparents, parents and friends came to kindergarten to hear a short program and eat lunch with the students.  Grandparents from as far away as California, and as close as just down the street joined in the fun!  Way To Go Leopards!!

Larsen Elementary 5th grade students learn about Native American Culture.

5th graders showing off their fabulous pyramids.
Here are a few of the amazing pyramids made by the 5th grade students.
5th graders display their awesome pyramids
One of the great pyramids made by one of the 5th grade students.
Native American pyramids.

Fifth grade students learned about Native Americans by creating a pyramid.  Each student chose a tribe and then had to represent four different sections of that tribe, like where they lived, what they ate, arts and crafts, and other important information they could find.  This activity is a lot of work for the students but the pyramids turned out amazing!  Way To Go Leopards!