School News

ABC easy as 1,2,3! Kindergarteners ready to learn at Larsen.

N. Hansen
Kindergarteners excited for their first day of learning.

Larsen Elementary welcomed our new Kindergarteners to school Tuesday August 26th, 2012.  This year we have 3 Kindergarten classes, 1 am and 2 pm classes, and our teachers our Mrs. Eckhardt and Mrs. Thomas.  Larsen is so excited to have these new Kindergarteners join us for all of the exciting and new things they will learn and get to do while at Larsen Elementary.  We hope they will grow to love Larsen Elementary as much as we do.  Welcome Kindergarteners and way to go Larsen Leopards!!

Larsen Elementary Welcomes Mr. Garrett Andersen as the new Principal.

Mr. Andersen enjoying his new office.

Larsen Elementary is pleased to welcome our new principal Mr. Garrett Andersen.  We are very excited to have Mr. Andersen join our Larsen faculty and staff and look forward to getting to know Mr. Andersen this new school year.

Mr. Andersen loves the youth and enjoys spending time coaching, mentoring and being involved with the children of our community.  Mr. Andersen has grown up and lived in Spanish Fork his whole life and has worked for Nebo school district for the past seven years.  In his spare time Mr. Andersen loves the outdoors, hunting, running and playing sports.  He is married to Stephanie and they have 3 great children.  We are positive that Mr. Andersen will love it here at Larsen Elementary!  Welcome Mr. Andersen! 

School Registration

Larsen Elementary Registration

August 1, 2012      8:00 AM - 4:00 PM

What Happens at Registration?

·        See class assignments

·        Update your child’s contact information

·        Receive materials & school information

·        Pay activity donation - We ask $20 per child.

·        Pay for School lunch – (Applications available for free and reduced)

·        Update Kindergarten Immunization records (these need to be up to date before your child can start kindergarten).

·        Join PTA and sign up to volunteer

·        Buy School T-Shirts

FAST PASS!: Save time at registration by filling out your family information card online at before you come!! Updating online will allow you to avoid filling out multiple white information cards! Whether you register online or at the school, we hope everyone comes to registration!! Tell your friends!

It is critical that all schools have an accounting of student enrollment to achieve accurate numbers; all students must register on August 1, 2012.  If you will not be here on August 1st, please come into the school before registration day to register your students.

Larsen Elementary Says Goodbye To Mr. Johnson.


After working at Spanish Forks Larsen Elementary for six years, our Principal Mr. Johnson is saying goodbye and has been appointed the new principal of Hobble Creek Elementary in Mapleton. Mr. Johnson has been a great asset to Larsen Elementary. He is always smiling and is loved by the students and parents, not only because of his patience, great energy and funny personality, but he knows all 500 students by name. This week at Larsen's goodbye assembly each class put together a special goodbye message for Mr. Johnson. Some classes made up poems, sang songs or read letters that they had personally wrote and put together."Mr. Johnson has been a great Principal, mentor and friend and we are sad to see him leave, he will be greatly missed by his students, faculty and staff."Mr. Johnson has worked for Nebo School District for 18 years. He has taught third grade for four years, fifth grade for eight years, and has been the principal of Larsen Elementary in Spanish Fork for the last six years. In his spare time, Mr. Johnson enjoys running, traveling (especially to Disneyland), listening to music, and spending time with his family. He is married to Diana, and they have two children. We wish Mr. Johnson well and good luck as he takes on this great adventure as the new Principal of Hobble Creek Elementary.

Kim Head Receives Larsen Elementary Classified Employee Of The Year Award

Craig Harvey presents Kim head with award

Wednesday April 25, 2012, Craig Harvey from Horace Mann Insurance presented Kim Head, Larsen Elementary's Classified Employee of the year Award for the 2011-2012 school year.  Faculty and staff were asked to vote for the classified employee that they felt had the greatest influence this last year and who they would like to honor.Kim is the new secretary for Larsen Elementary and does an AMAZING job in the office. Her sweet, bubbly personality and warm smile and influence is felt throughout the school. Kim has worked for Nebo School District for over 10 years. Kim is married to Scott Head and they have 2 daughters.  CONGRATULATIONS KIM!! We love you!!

2nd Graders get a visit from the National Guard and learn a thing or two about firefighting.


The second grade classes have been learning about firefighters and how they help our community.  Amy Mathew spoke up and told me her father was in the National Guard and was a firefighter.  She proceeded to take the story home to her father Sargent Mathews.  He called me and was willing to visit with the children about what he does. 
Sargent Mathews and Sergent Yei presented pictures of what life would be like in Afghanistan.  They talked about their job as firefighters and how hard they work.  They brought they heavy uniforms with them and allowed the children to feel the weight. 
It was a delight to have them come talk with us.  We are so grateful for men and women that fight for our freedom.  Thanks to all!

Michele Waite, 6th Grade Teacher Of The Year, for Larsen Elementary!

Michele Waite
Michele is honored at a special evening sponsored by the District

Michele Waite is making a difference in the lives of students and enjoys the way they make a difference in her life. She loves the beginning of the school year as her class builds a community of learners.  Michele enjoys the challenge that comes with each new day and ends with a personal reflection of, “What can I do better tomorrow?”  She thrives on the “new” that is somehow always present in elementary teaching with the variety of subjects throughout the school day.  She teaches every day with the thought of what is best for future generations.  Congratulations Michele, from all of us staff, students and parents here at Larsen Elementary.  We love you!

3rd Grade Discovers Clarke Planetarium

Walking on the moon.
Waiting patiently for the buses to arrive at the school.
Discovering what clouds really feel like.
Trying to catch a glimpse of the moon.
Keeping entertained on the long trip back to the school.

Friday April 20th, Larsen Elementary 3rd grade students blasted off to the Clarke Planetarium in Salt Lake City.   While we were at the planetarium we got to watch a very cool movie that taught us alot about the different planets and what each planet is made up of.  After exploring the Planetarium, discovering what clouds really feel like with the cloud machine and playing with the static electricity ball, we loaded the buses and shuttled down to Pleasant Grove where we landed and ate our sack lunches and played at the Discovery Park. We orbited back through Utah County and landed safely once again at Larsen Elementary.  Way to go Leopards!

6th Grade Students Get Up Close With Microorganisms.


6th Grade students went on their spring fieldtrip to the Provo Reclamation center April 19, 2012.  They have studied microorganisms throughout the year. Students were able to see how the laboratory staff uses their knowledge of microbes to perform water quality tests. The 43-acre East Bay facility is designed to treat an average inflow of 15 million gallons of wastewater each day.  The lab performs about 550 individual tests per week in order to treat the wastewater and reduce impurities.

Sixth graders also enjoyed eating lunch at the 31-acre Bicentennial Park. They were able visit the duck pond and natural wetlands or play on the park equipment. Everyone had a fun time!  WAY TO GO LEOPARDS!!

Larsen Elementary 2nd Graders Visit Harwood Farm.

Mrs. Carters class take five at Harwood Farms.
Farm field days

Larsen Elementary second grade classes were able to attend the Farm Field Days in Springville on April 4, 2012.  We learned about how important agriculture is to everyone.  We started off the day seeing how a sheep gets a hair cut.  Farmers like to call it sheering.  The sheep love to get rid of their heavy wool coat.
Each class then rotated around to different stations with their FFA guides.  We learned about bees, chickens, and cows.  We learned about where milk, beef, and eggs come from.  We learned to eat healthy good foods for our bodies to be strong and healthy.  We had a terrific day at the Harwood Farm. WAY TO GO LEOPARDS!!!!