School News

Angela Eckhardt receives Crystal Apple Award.

A.Parrish / N.Hansen

Angela Eckhardt, our wonderful Kindergarten teacher here at Larsen Elementary, is the recipient of the 2012 Crystal Apple Award.  This special award is given out to teachers who always go out of their way to provide friendship and help to our students and co-workers at our school.

"Angela Eckhardt knows how to reach each child and makes each one feel special. She is always involved in creative ways to help children. She goes above and beyond in her own classroom and all school activities.  She not only inspires her class, but helps with the Spanish Fork Arts council and runs our school's 4-H program.  All in all, her influence extends deeply through the hearts of each child in her classroom and broadly throughout our entire community."

Angie is a very talented teacher, fabulous friend, magnificent mentor, and wonderful spouse, mother and daughter.  She loves spending time with her husband Bill, and their 5 daughters.

 Congratulations Mrs. Eckhardt, on behalf of the faculty, staff, and students here at Larsen Elementary, we’re so happy you teach at our school!


Princess power comes to Larsen Elementary 4-H.

The girls dress up as Princesses for their last day.
Making necklaces.
Everyone loved making things.
Practice makes perfect Princesses.
Princesses sharing the candy from the pinata.

Recently the Larsen after school 4-H program had some very pretty princess power in one of their 4-H classes.  Princesses was just one of the many fun classes held for the students to participate in.  The girls who took part in the princess class learned how to have better manners, make necklaces, create a wand, decorate mirrors and last but no least, all the girls got to dress up for the last day and break a pinata. The fun princess class was taught by Mrs. Kim Head and her daughter Aubree Head. WAY TO GO LEOPARDS!!

Larsen Elementary Has A "Hoobalicious" Seussical, Sort of Day.

Molleleigh Gamble, Aubrey Marshall and Paisley Nelson in Mrs. Eckhardts AM Kindergarten class, love Dr. Seuss day.
Juliette Frasche, Matthew Woolsey, Scott Thompson and SaVanna Martinez in Mrs. Page's 1st grade class, pose in front of their "What's In The Cats Hat" wall!
Students in first-grade colored pictures about what they thought was in the "Cats Hat".

Larsen Elementary recently celebrated Dr. Seuss' birthday with a very Seussical celebration.  Each class, Kindergarten through 6th grade memorized a Dr. Seuss poem and recited it in front of the entire student body during a special assembly held that morning.  Everyone did a wonderful job!

The rest of the school day was filled with more Dr. Seuss stories and reading fun.  Dr. Seuss would be proud of our Larsen Leopards!!  WAY TO GO LEOPARDS!!!

Larsen 5th grade students "DA.R.E." to Graduate!!

L. Teuscher
Students sing one of the songs they learned about the DARE program.
Students learned a powerful message through the many songs in the DARE program.
Officer DeWitt talks to the students and their parents at the DARE graduation.

Upon completion of the 10 week DARE program the 5th grade held graduation.  There were 79 students who successfully completed all of the requirements of DARE, including writing a DARE essay. The students favored the audience with three songs and two students from each class were chosen to read their essay.  Our DARE officer, Officer DeWitt made DARE fun!  Thank you Officer DeWitt and parents!  WAY TO GO LEOPARDS!!

PTA Sponsors Dads and Doughnuts, YUM!!!


Friday, January 27th Larsen Elementary held their annual Dad’s and Donuts activity before school started from 7:30 a.m. to 8:25 a.m.  Students enjoyed reading a book from the PTA, who had given books to all of the students to read. Students chose to bring their dad, uncle, grandpa, mom, or other special person with them to the fun event.  Delicious, warm donuts were served to everyone. Thank you Larsen PTA and parents for supporting your child’s reading! Way To Go Leopards!!

4th Grade Students Travel Back In Time!!

Playing pioneer games
Students learned games that pioneer children used to play.

Larsen 4th graders traveled back in time to the 1850s.  Dressed as pioneers, they participated in pioneer games, cooking, and crafts.  The highlight of the day was dancing the Virginia Reel and the Texas Star for and with their parents.  Way To Go Leopards!!!

2nd Graders Go "Mining"!

Students stand in front of the giant dump truck tires.
Look how big, standing at the overlook of the mine!!
Students tour the visitor center
Learning facts about copper and the mine.
Excited students riding the bus.
It was a long ride home.

2nd grade students loved their visit to Utah's Kennecott Bingham Copper Canyon Mine in Bingham UT. The 2nd graders were completely amazed at how big the mine actually was.  The huge mine is 2-3/4 miles across at the top and 3/4 of a mile deep. You could stack two Sears Towers on top of each other and still not reach the top of the mine.

Students were in awe of the giant electric shovels that can scoop 85 tons of material in a single pass, and the giant dump trucks which stand over 23 feet tall.  After all of the students had a great time touring the visitors center playing with all of the interactive displays and exhibits and learing lots of fun new things, the students had a picnic lunch at a nearby park.  What an amazing fun day! WAY TO GO LEOPARDS!!

Famous Author "Brandon Mull" visits Larsen Elementary

Students loved meeting Brandon Mull
Brandon Mull talks to students about becoming great authors.
Students chosen from the audience got to make up their own funny story with Mr. Mull.

The students at Larsen Elementary were thrilled to have the wonderful opportunity to meet the famous author, Brandon Mull of the popular series Fablehaven. Students loved listening to Mr. Mull tell about his life grwoing up and how he became a writer, then he talked to and explained how students themselves can become great authors and story tellers themselves. Brandon Mull answered lots of questions from curious children and the best part was when Mr. Mull chose several students from out of the audience to come up on stage with him to make up their own funny story.  A very big thank you to Brandon Mull for taking the time to come and visit Larsen Elementary! 

5th-grade students Travel "Around the World" for Christmas!!

Students were able to meet some of the dancers from BYU.
Up close and personal with several of the dancers from "Around The World".
One of the many dances students watched and experienced from Around The World.
The 5th grade students loved meeting the dancers in their costumes from other countries.
The BYU performers loved meeting with the students.

Israel, Ireland, and India are just three of the places we visited while watching Christmas Around The World.  The fifth grade students at Larsen Elementary traveled not only to BYU, but to other countries as we watched dances performed by the BYU Dance teams.  The costumes were amazing, authentic, and colorful!  It helped us get into the Christmas Spirit!  WAY TO GO LEOPARDS!

Maple Mountain High School Students speak to Larsen Elementary 5th-grade about the D.A.R.E program.

Maple Mountain students speak to 5th graders about D.A.R.E. program.

Four students from Maple Mountain High School visited 5th grade students at Larsen Elementary.  These high school students are role models for the DARE program.  They spoke to the fifth grade about not doing drugs or alcohol.  The fifth grade students were able to ask the high school students thought provoking questions about peer pressure, finding good friends, and having fun in high school.  We appreciated the high school students taking time out of their busy day to spend time with us.  WAY TO GO LEOPARDS!!