School News

Quilting Knowledge One Stitch at a Time

class quilts.JPG

Each month as students in Ms. Jensen's class met their reading goal, they got to decorate a quilt block.  At the end of the year the blocks were sewn together to make a quilt that they will take home.  Congratulations to all of the students who were diligent enough to read, read, read and earn a quilt this year!

Ken Garff Winners of $50 Savings Bond


Ken Garff Automotive Group of Orem sponsored a year-long reading program at Larsen Elementary.  Four students were chosen from entries made by all the students reading throughout the year to win a $50 Savings Bond.  Our winners are Logan Aguilar, Melissa Carter, Reagin Collyer, and Wilbur Smith.  Congratulation and a big Thank You to Ken Garff for supporting reading at Larsen.

Ken Garff Bike Winners

bikes 2.jpg
bikes 3.jpg

Larsen Elementary students benefitted from a year-long reading incentive program sponsored by Ken Garff Automotive Group.  After students submitted entries throughout the year for reading a set amount of minutes, six names were chosen as winners of brand new bikes.  The lucky kids from Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd grade are Kennedy Andreason and Brandon Collings; from 3rd and 4th grade—Tyler Thompson & Alisa Malan, and from 5th and 6th grade—Austin Olsen and Sidney Johnson.  Great reading this year, Larsen students.  Thank you Ken Garff for your support.

5th Grade Talent Show

5th talent.jpg

The 5th graders at Larsen Elementary are bursting with talent. Piano players, dancers, singers, musicians and Lego presenters dazzled the audience with their amazing skills. Bryant Miller and his grandfather (pictured) played a guitar duet of Buck Owen’s “Act Naturally.”

Some amazing spellers attend Larsen Elementary!

3rd spell.jpg

The 3rd Grade winners for the 2010 Spelling Bee are Brayden Hemmert (Mrs. Stokes’ class), Kayli Clegg (Mrs. Seader’s class), and Austin Barlow (Mrs. Hansen & Mrs. Beckstead’s class).  Congratulations to all who participated!

Beekeepers, Sterling Hansen and “Mr.B” at Larsen

K bees.jpg
k bees2.jpg

“Mr. B,” the Beekeeper (also known as Mr. Bingham, School Counselor) dazzled Larsen’s Kindergarteners by showing them how bees make honey, giving out tastes of honey from his own hives and showing the fancy clothes beekeepers wear.  These youngsters also learned about the different kinds of Bees — workers, queens, drones, guards, and fanners.

Theater 4-H Class at Larsen Elementary

4h dance and theatre.jpg

The 4-H Afterschool Theater class performed a musical melodramatic murder mystery. They had a cast of all girls. They enjoyed learning about melodramas. The fun part about this play was the surprise ending. Poor Linda is dead, no one could have survived being mauled the way she was. But who did it? Was it the butler, the kitchen staff, Mary's cousin? Mary's Mom gets to the bottom of the mystery. The chef never liked Linda because she didn't do her job. The butler reveals it all....Linda was not a milk cow.  She was a beef cow and she made a great dinner.

Larsen Kindergarten Businesses

K business.jpg

Kindergarteners at Larsen Elementary had an opportunity
to learn how to serve customers, fill orders, make
breakfast items or ice cream delights and give change in
their classroom businesses.  Mrs. Hyer’s Kindergarten
class had a Breakfast Business this year, serving apple
and orange juice and waffles with syrup, jam or whip
cream.  Mrs. Eckhardt’s class had an Ice Cream Shop
serving rootbeer floats, and ice cream with your choice of
chocolate or vanilla and toppings ranging from chocolate
syrup to nuts.  The kindergarten students (and other special
customers) took turns serving and patronizing each other’s
Morgan Nuttal and Destinee Tui serve customers (Natalie
Jewkes) at Mrs Hyer’s Kindergarten Breakfast Business at
Larsen Elementary.