School News

Larsen Annual Kickball Tournament


Larsen Elementary held the annual Kickball tournament between faculty and the 6th graders.  There was a lot of trash talking going on about who was going to win.  It was an exciting game and each team had some awesome players.   The teachers pulled through and won the game much to the students surprise. The PTA provided everyone with a popscile to cool themselves off.  Great job teachers and 6th graders!

Choir Performs at Hope of America


The fifth and sixth grade choir at Larsen spent all day yesterday participating in Hope of America. This incredible program inspires kids across Utah county to be patriotic and appreciate this amazing country we live in. They learned about the Declaration, the Bill of Rights, and how to inspire others. Their hard work paid off, because we had a blast! 

Utah Food Bank Sponsoring Summer Lunch Program


We are happy to announce that Utah Food Bank is sponsoring free summer lunches for kids again .  They will be held at the Spanish Fork City Library Park between 11:30 - 1:00 PM.  There is no registration required but the food must be consumed on-site.  We don't want any child to go hungry during the summer months!

Shana Woolsey Receives the Crystal Apple Award


Shana Woolsey received the Crystal Apple Award for Larsen Elementary.  Here are some attributes that her co-workers said about her:  "Shana is a very caring teacher.  She is concerned about each student individually and tries to help each progress.  Mrs. Woolsey is very enthusiastic, friendly, positive and inspires her students to do their best."

Congratulations Mrs. Woolsey!  We are lucky to have you at Larsen.

5th Grade Wax Museum


 5th Grade has been working hard for the past four weeks on their State Fair projects. Upon walking into the fair, we were met with students posing as a significant figure from their chosen state. Students researched the history, environment, industry, and many other aspects of their states to present to parents and others at the school. We had a fun time!

5th Grade State Fair and Wax Museum Coming Up


Larsen 5th Graders are getting ready for their State Fair and wax museum.  They have been working hard on their projects and learning all about the great country we live in.  The Fair  will be held on Friday, May 5th.  Parents are invited to come tour and listen to all the interesting facts about each state from a famous person (aka a smart 5th grader) from 1:00-2:30 PM.  Make sure your student has their diorama and costume ready.

Teacher Appreciation Week


This week our PTA is celebrating all of the AWESOME teachers here at Larsen Elementary.  The week started with our PTA members decorating each classroom door.  The staff has enjoyed all the snacks and lunches too that they have provided for us.  Thank you PTA members for honoring all of the amazing people that work here at Larsen Elementary.

Hershey Track Meet Dates


Hershey Track time is here again!  Listed below are the dates for each grade.  The races are held at Spanish Fork High School. 

3rd Grade:  April 25th

4th Grade:  May 2nd

5th Grade:  May 9th

6th Grade:  May 16th

2nd Grade Learns About the Solar System


Larsen 2nd graders have been learning about our solar system.  These students made a replica on paper about all the planets, the sun and stars.  They even showed how they were aligned in space. Our 2nd grade seems to have some future astronomers.  Great job!