Specialist Roberts Visits Larsen Kindergarten

Mrs. Eckhardts afternoon Kindergarten class had a special visitor come.  Specialist Roberts, who's daughter Madaya is in that class, came and talked about what it is like serving in the Army.  He has served in Texas and on two different tours in Iraq. He brought his uniform, helmet and pictures showing the places he had been protecting. Specialist Roberts told a story of a little boy that was kindergarten age that he helped.  We at Larsen Elementary want to thank Specialist Roberts for his service and for visiting our school!!! 

5th Grade Olympic Adventures


Larsen Elemetary 5th graders got the chance to go visit Olymipc Park in Park City this week.  They had fun learning more about when the Olympics came to Utah in 2002.  The students learned about many of the athletes that competed in the 2002 Winter Olympics and also the many different sports that were a part of it.  Some 5th graders got to test out the bobsled and other equipment.  Way to go 5th Graders!

Thank You Veterans!!


Today we had the honor of having some veterans visit our school.  One of them was our own Keir Scoubes who teaches 6th grade here at Larsen.   The Veterans served during Vietnam, Korean War, Desert Storm and The War in Iraq.  Larsen Elementary thanks all those who have fought for our freedoms and made our country the greatest place to live!

 On Veteran’s Day we honor ALL, who answered to a service call.

 Soldier’s young, and soldiers old, fought for freedom, BRAVE and BOLD.

Some have lived, while others died, and all of them deserve OUR pride.

Witches, Minions and Scares... Oh My!!

Larsen Elementary students sure had a lot of fun costumes this year on Halloween! All the students got to march in a parade around the school showing off their costumes to parents and friends.  Each class was able to have a fun Halloween party full of games, prizes and of course candy!  Thanks to all our PTA and parent volunteers that helped make our Halloween SPOOKTACULAR!

Minute to Win It Reading Reward

The reading reward for October was such a hit!  The students played against the teachers in different "Minute to Win It" games.  Our Kindergarten teachers did a great job putting this activity together.  Our grand prize winner was Kaylee Knotts.  She gets to choose from a bike, scooter or iPod shuffle.  Congratulations students on all your great reading and expecially to Kaylee for winning the grand prize!

Mountain Man Visits Larsen


Mountain Man Scott Sorensen made a visit to Larsen 4th graders.  He told some tall tales and all about his adventures as a mountain man.  He showed us all the different  animal calls he uses in the wild.  The students also got to see all of the different animal furs and skins.  Some students even got to wear them!  It was an amazing experience to see how a real mountain man lives!  Thanks Mr. Sorensen for teaching us some really neat stuff!

Duct Tape Reading Reward


The students here at Larsen had a fun reading reward activity by duct taping the principal and three teachers to the wall!  The students won a foot of duct tape for reading at least 5 days a week in the month of September.  They also got to vote on which teachers they wanted to see get taped to the wall.  Principal Andersen,  Mrs. Richardson, Mrs. Shepherd, and Mr. Scoubes were the lucky winners of the voting.  The students sure did a great job reading and achieving the goal for the month!  Thanks to the faculty for being good sports too!

Derby Cars Visit Larsen for Red Ribbon Week


Larsen students learned about keeping drug free and not hurting their bodies with harmful things during Red Ribbon Week.  We talked about our bodies being nice and shiny like a new car when we are drug free.  When we put drugs in our bodies it damages them like the derby cars.  It was a great way to show the students how much better they will look, feel, and run if they keep drug free.

Red Ribbon Week Banners


During Red Ribbon Week each class made a banner pledging to stay away from drugs.  The banners were hung all down the hall to remind the students to keep away from  drugs and only put healthy things in their bodies. 

Green Man Group Drums Their Way to Larsen

Green Man Group from UVU performed an awesome assembly for the students at Larsen.  They are a percussion band made of students from the university.  Drummer Clint was inspired by a teacher to play drums because of a nervous habit he had.  Clint would always tap his hands on his desk or his feet on the floor.  This teacher saw a talent in him that no one else had and gave him a pair of drumsticks.  Clint brought a few of his green friends with him and they all played drums and danced for us.  The students LOVED it.  Thanks Green Man Group of the fun assembly