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Larsen's First Dance Festival

Submitted by teresa.beebe on Tue, 05/17/2022 - 08:50

Larsen Elementary held it's first ever dance festival yesterday.  It was so fun to watch the kids perform their dances that they had been working so hard on as grade levels.  We had a huge audience of parents and families watching as well.  The staff even joined in the fun and danced.  We can't wait for next years festival!

Field Day is Wednesday, May 18th

Submitted by teresa.beebe on Mon, 05/16/2022 - 09:13

Field Day-We did it!!  We not only reached our goal of reading one million minutes as a school, but we read over 1,250,000 minutes!  We are so proud of the students and their dedication to reading at home this year.  We applaud you as parents for encouraging the students to get their reading in every day.  We know this has made a huge difference in their education and we could not be more excited about reaching our goal.

5th Grade Participates in Hope of America

Submitted by teresa.beebe on Wed, 05/11/2022 - 08:51

Larsen 5th graders were opportunity to participate in the Freedom Festival Hope of America.  The following is from the Hope of America website:

“Hope of America” was created by Kathy MacDonald in 1995 with the support of America’s Freedom Festival in Provo, Utah. Each year nearly 8,000 elementary school children from 100+ schools ( including charter, private, and home schools) come together and present songs of Hope, Service, and Patriotism."

We are grateful that our 5th graders got to experience this patriotic event and were able to show respect to our country.

5th Grade Freedom Walk

Submitted by teresa.beebe on Tue, 05/10/2022 - 11:52

Our 5th graders participated in the Freedom Walk today to honor veterans from all branches of the military.   Each student chose a family member or friend that has served or is currently serving our great country.  They then wrote a report about their lives.  Their reports were displayed on a banner for all to read. They were also able to listen to veterans speak about their time in the war and what their experiences were.  Larsen Elementary is grateful to the brave men and women for their sacrifices.  We are honored to have been able to participate in this patriotic event.