School Community Council Members and Meeting Calendar 2022-2023

     We really value and appreciate the money given to our school through Trustlands.  During this school year we've added technology so that every grade level is either one to one with chromebooks.  We've purchased books that students are able to have at home, and we've hired additional math and reading technicians that support our students in the areas that our School Community Council feels are most important.  Parent input in how we are spending funds is so important!  Parents work with teachers and staff to make the best decisions for Larsen students.  We appreciate the work and support of these great parents and staff on the council.

Current and Past Trustlands Plans

Trustland Funds 2019- $54,123

Trustland Funds 2020- $53,170

Trustland Funds 2021- $53,701

Trustland Funds 2022-$42,053

Trustland Funds 2023-


Parent Members


Staff Members 


Lisa Baxter-Chair


bx [dot] lisa [at] gmail [dot] com

Year: 2


Karalee Beckstead-Facilitator


karalee [dot] beckstead [at] nebo [dot] edu


Tiffany Hawkins


tiffanymcb [at] hotmail [dot] com

Year: 2


Katie Howard-Co Chair


katie [dot] howard [at] nebo [dot] edu

Year: 2


Tiffany Weidlein


zupants [at] gmail [dot] com

Year: 1


Patti Bates


patti [dot] bates [at] nebo [dot] edu

Year: 1


Tiffany Caldwell


tiffnajiff [at] gmail [dot] com

Year: 1


Bethany Clark-Principal


bethany [dot] clark [at] nebo [dot] edu


Liz Navarro


elizabeth_zim [at] live [dot] com

Year: 1


Use this URL to access the state

trustlands site:



The Meetings are listed below for each month (except for April) at 9:30 a.m.  We will meet in the conference room in the front office at the school.

School Year: 2022-2023


October 4

9:30 a.m.

Set SCC governing rules and procedures


November 1

9:30 a.m.

Data Gateway and TSSA Goal #1/Title One

December 6

9:30 a.m.

TSSA Goal #2/Title One

January 4

9:30 a.m.

TSSA Goal #3/Filtering Services/Title One

February 7

9:30 a.m.

TSSA Goal #4/School Safety/Title One

March 7 

9:30 a.m.

TSSA Goal #5/Title One

April 10

11:30 a.m.

Finalize School Improvement Plan/Safe Walking Route/Title One

As a School Community Council, we provide many ways for parents to be involved.  We have 5 parents serving on the council and each year there are opportunities to fill positions that open up at the end of the year.  Parents can also get involved by serving on committees with the council to help improve learning experiences for all of our students.


Rules of Order and Procedure

To promote ethical behavior and civil discourse each council member shall:

• Attend council meetings on time and prepared

• Make decisions with the needs of students as the main objective

• Listen to and value diverse opinions

• Be sure the opinions of those you represent are included in discussions

• Expect accountability and be prepared to be accountable

• Act with integrity


Rules of Procedure: All meetings are open to the public and the public is welcome to attend. (required)

The agenda of each upcoming meeting with draft minutes of the prior meeting will be made available to all council members at least one week in advance, will be posted on the school website and made available in the main office. The agenda will include the date, time and location of the meeting. (required)

Minutes will be kept of all meetings, prepared in draft format for approval at the next scheduled meeting. (required)

The council will prepare a timeline for the school year that includes due dates for all required reporting and other activities/tasks that the council agrees to assume or participate in. The timeline will assist in preparation of agendas to be sure the council accomplishes their work in a timely manner. (best practice)

The council consists of the principal, one school employee who is elected in even years, and four parent members, two of whom are elected in even years and two in odd years. In the event there is a tie vote in an election, the principal shall flip a coin to determine the outcome. (Size of the council should be determined by the council, but councils are required to consist of the principal, at least one school employee, and at least four parents with a two-parent majority on the council. Elections are required to be staggered)

The chair, who is nominated and appointed by majority vote, conducts the meetings (required), makes assignments and requests reports on assignments. In the absence of the chair the vice-chair, who is nominated and majority vote, shall conduct meetings.

The council must have a quorum to vote (required). If a parent member moves or is absent from two consecutive meetings, the chair will notify the member that if the member does not attend the next meeting, the council will consider the seat vacant and the remaining parent members will appoint a parent to fill the unexpired term.

Meetings shall be conducted and action taken according to very simplified rules of parliamentary procedure as required in 53G-7-1203(10). Council actions will be taken by motions and voting with votes and motions recorded in the minutes. (required)

Simple Motions of Parliamentary Procedure

Used by some organizations to assist those new to the process

A motion (or an action to be taken by the council) is stated as a motion. Someone else on the council “seconds” the motion indicating that at least one other person on the council feels the motion is worthy of discussion. Then the council members may provide input and discussion as called upon by the chair. When discussion seems complete the chair may call for a vote on the motion. Or when a member of the council “calls the previous question” (a motion to end discussion of the first motion), a second is required. Without discussion the chair calls for a vote that must pass by 2/3. If the vote on the previous question fails the council goes back to discussing the first motion. If the motion to call the previous question passes, the chair directly calls for a vote on the first motion. A vote to call the previous question is usually used to move business along.

  • A tie vote is a lost vote.
  • Most motions are main motions. A main motion may be amended.
  • A point of order is offered when there is some question if procedure had been followed correctly.
  • To stop debate or discussion on a motion and force the vote a member would say, “I move the previous question.” This requires a second and a 2/3 vote.
  • Hasty action may be corrected by use of the motion to reconsider. This motion may be made only by one who voted on the prevailing side.
  • A person who made the motion may withdraw the same motion

***For more information please refer to the Nebo School District Board Of Education Policies and Procedures Section K: School - Community Relations


-Any parent that would like to speak or comment at our SCC meetings may give us notice 1 week prior to the meeting and will have 5 minutes to speak.  You may contact Karalee Beckstead at karalee [dot] beckstead [at] nebo [dot] edu to be placed on the agenda.