2023-2024 Larsen Preschool Information

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2023-2024 Larsen Preschool Information
2023-2024 Larsen Preschool Information

Parents and Guardians,

We are excited to share some information and changes that will be happening with our Preschool program next year.  We will be holding a preschool, free of tuition, at our school.  4-5 year old students will be able to attend 4 times a week for 2.5 hours. and we will be accepting enough students to fill one 3 year old class that will be held on Monday for two hours.  In the past, all screenings have been done at the Summit Center and decisions have been made at the district level.  We will be changing that next year and placement will be made at the school level.  What this means to you:

-Only Larsen boundary students (ages 3-5) will be accepted

-Assessments will happen at Larsen Elementary in March

 -Please call the school at 801-798-4035 to let us know if you are interested.  We will be setting up screening/testing dates in a few weeks

-We will make placement decisions by highest academic need

-Class lists will be available in July

Class information if your child qualifies:

4-5 year old classes


-2.5 hours per day

-AM and PM times

3 year old class


-2 hours per day

Please spread the word to everyone that lives in Larsen boundaries.  We are excited to have this opportunity at our school!

Thank you,

Mrs. Clark