May 2019

Last Day of School

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We wanted to remind everyone that school is out out 12:00 noon tomorrow.  Please make arrangements to have your students picked up at that time.

Have a fun and safe summer!

Last Day of School May 24th

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What a great year we have had at Larsen Elementary!  As the last day approaches we wanted to remind you that on May 24th school will let out at 12:00 PM.  Please make arrangements to have your students picked at that time.  Lunch will be still be served.

Annual Larsen Faculty vs 6th Grade Kickball Game

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One of our favorite Larsen traditions at the end of the school year is the faculty vs 6th graders kickball game.  The other grades were the best cheerleaders and shouted for both teams.  The teachers ended up winning but we were so proud of the 6th graders and the effort they gave.  Good sportsmanship was shown all around and then everyone got to cool down with a popsicle provided by the PTA.  

Hope Of America

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Our Larsen choir had the opprotunity to participate in the Hope of America program at the Marriot Center on Wednesday.  The event is put on by America's Freedom Festival where thousands of students wear red, white, blue and yellow shirts.  They stand in the shape of the American flag and sing patriotic songs.  Every year the students gain a new sense of patriotism and pride.  Thank you to all that have protected and served our country so we can have the freedoms we enjoy!