May 2021

Last Day of School Half Day

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We made it!!  What a wonderful, challenging, amazing and tough year.  Larsen students have been incredible! 

Tomorrow will be the last day of school and students will be let out at 12:00 noon.  Thank you for all your support this year and we look forward to seeing students again in August.  Happy Summer!

Lost and Found Pick Up

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We will have tables set out tomorrow, Wednesday with all the items that are in our lost and found bins.  There are so many nice coats, sweaters, hoodies, hats, gloves, lunch boxes, water bottles,  sports items and many other things that we are sure are missed.  We also have numeroous pairs of glasses in the office.

Please come and go through them tomorrow out in front of the school and take what is yours.

New Pets in Kindergarten

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The kindergarters at Larsen have a new pets!  Each student has a tortoise "desk pet" to take care of this week.  Students created habitats with all of the things their tortoise will need.  They also will be working on being very quiet so they don't scare their new pet!