November 2022

Safe Routes Utah Assembly

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Safe Routes Utah came and visited our school on Friday.  The goal of Safe Routes Utah is to help children get to and from school safely while motivating children to experience the benefits of walking or biking to school.  They talked about crossing in the crosswalks, wearing helmets and so much more.  If you would like to learn more tips visit

4th Grade Social Studies Lesson

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Fourth graders had a fun dance lesson on Friday all about natural disasters! We used big, colorful scarves to make movements that matched different natural disasters, including tornadoes, floods, and wildfires. Our story in shared reading, and a couple lessons in social studies, all focused on Earthquakes, so we decided to go out with a bang! It was a blast! 

Thank You Veterans!

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Veterans Day is a national holiday held annually on Nov. 11 in the United States to honor those who served in the country’s armed forces.  Today we were fortunate to have some veterans visit our school.   One of the veterans that came was a even a Larsen student's great grandpa.  They talked to us about all the brave men and women who served our country or are serving right now.  Larsen Elementary is so grateful for their service and sacrifice to keep our country free.  We all honor you on this day!