December 2022

Kindergarten Sock Day and First Day of Winter Celebrations

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Kindergarten Sock Day was a huge success.  They called them their "service socks".  Each time they wear them it will remind them to serve and be kind.  They learned that they can save the world.  

Kindergarten also celebrated the first day of winter )which is the longest day of the year) by wearing their pajamas and making ornaments to feed the birds.  Happy Winter Solstice!

3rd Grade Gingerbread Houses

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A favorite tradition in 3rd grade is making gingerbread houses each Christmas season.  Students had such a great time being creative and putting as much candy on their houses as possible.  Thank you to all our parents that came and helped with it also.  

5th Grade NOVA Graduation

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Fifth grade was excited to graduate from their NOVA program today! They’ve been learning how to be lone wolf in difficult situations and make smart decisions. They got to celebrate by learning about the K-9 unit. 

Mrs. Terry Receives Crystal Apple Award

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We are proud to announce that Mrs. Terry received the Crystal Apple award this year for our school.  She is so positive everyday and brings a lot of laughter to her students and coworkers.  Mrs. Terry works tirelessly on creating an environment where students love to learn and progress.  She has taught 5th grade at Larsen and this year took on a new role as our ESSER teacher.  We are lucky to have such a dedicated educator at our school.  Congratulations Mrs. Terry!

Book Fair Thank You!

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HUGE THANK YOU to all the people who supported the PTA Book Fair! Because of your support we were able to get many books into the hands of Larsen students and teachers! Also, here are some of the books coming soon to the school library that we were able to get with your donations and scholastic dollars. 

Happy Reading!