March 2023

Rodeo Reading Challenge

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Spanish Fork Fiesta Days is sponsoring the 2023 Fiesta Day Reading Challenge to all Spanish Fork elementary students. To encourage students to read, Spanish Fork City promotes a Rodeo Reading Challenge. The goal is for students to read more this year than last year.

Important Announcement from Nebo School District

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All students and faculty at Spanish Fork High are safe.  This was a false report of an active shooter at Spanish Fork High.  Police responded quickly and lockdown protocol was immediately put into place.  Police swept the building and have deemed it safe.   

As a result, your school was either on lockdown or lockout for a short period of time.

We appreciate the quick reaction of our local law enforcement and administration. 

Leprechaun Trouble at Larsen

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Some Leprechauns decided they wanted to cause some mischief at Larsen on St. Patrick's Day.  They messed up desks, wrote on papers, left footprints around and even tipped over some chairs.  There were a lot of traps set around classrooms but they still managed to get away.  Maybe next year we will have better luck!

Star Fest Night

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Larsen Star Fest was an amazing night!  Thank you to all the families that came and supported our school.  Our PTA worked hard to make it a fun learning experience for everyone.  We appreciate all they do!