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Drop-off/Pick-up Guidelines

Student Drop-Off Zones:  

Student drop-off and pick-up zones are indicated on the following map by a red line surrounding the zones students can be dropped off in.

Parents are welcome to use the side street area curbs that surround the school as pick-up and drop-off areas as well, as indicated on the map.  The drop-off and pick-up zone is not intended for parents to park their cars and get out to come into the school. 

Parking is provided for parents and patrons in the south-west parking lot if you need to get out and come into the school.  This is a parking area only and will not be used as an extra drop-off area.  If parents want to park here and walk inside with their students they are welcome to do so. Students may not get out in this area without their parents.  

The parking lots to the east of the school are for faculty parking and are NOT a drop-off area for parents and students.  This area is indicated on the map and labeled faculty parking and entrances are marked with a red X indicating it is not a place for entering.  For the safety of kids walking through here in the mornings and afternoons, we cannot have cars pulling through these lots.  Only the designated areas for drop-offs and pick-up are permissible.  

If parents choose to drop students off across the street from the school, it is their responsibility as well as the students, to use the crossing-guard and crosswalks to cross the street.  Students are not allowed to cross in the middle of the street for their safety and the safety of others.  Your help and understanding in this area is very much appreciated.  

Following this procedure will ensure greater safety for our students as they come and go from our school.  Several times teachers have reminded parents of these procedures and have been yelled at.  We are concerned about the safety of our students.  You being in a rush or a hurry does not supersede the safety of our students.