Larsen Kindergarten Businesses

K business.jpg

Kindergarteners at Larsen Elementary had an opportunity
to learn how to serve customers, fill orders, make
breakfast items or ice cream delights and give change in
their classroom businesses.  Mrs. Hyer’s Kindergarten
class had a Breakfast Business this year, serving apple
and orange juice and waffles with syrup, jam or whip
cream.  Mrs. Eckhardt’s class had an Ice Cream Shop
serving rootbeer floats, and ice cream with your choice of
chocolate or vanilla and toppings ranging from chocolate
syrup to nuts.  The kindergarten students (and other special
customers) took turns serving and patronizing each other’s
Morgan Nuttal and Destinee Tui serve customers (Natalie
Jewkes) at Mrs Hyer’s Kindergarten Breakfast Business at
Larsen Elementary.