Mrs. Diede's Class Has A New Two Headed Classmate


Thanks to Triple T Heating and Cooling in Spanish Fork, Mrs. Diede’s Class has a new two headed student!   The students arrived on with excitement in the air!  Mrs. Diede’s class was willing and so acceptable to our new friends.  We voted on their names. We decided first that one head had to be female while the other needed to be male just to make it fair.  We named one Britney after her maker and the other Freddy.      

Some of the first comments were about trying to create science. How we are going to make it move?  How do you turn it on? Does it speak?  All innovate questions that can spark a light in a student to make them more curious which leads to learning. 

We appreciate their kindness to let our robot friend join us and decorate our classroom to make it safe and comfortable but mostly an engaging classroom to learn in. Thanks again for the generous donation to our classroom.  We love to learn and enjoy our atmosphere in our classroom even more now with Britney and Freddy!