April 2022

Humpty Dumpty Egg Drop

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Larsen kindergarteners held their annual Humpty Dumpty Egg Drop on Friday.  Each student wraps up a hard boiled egg in a way that they think it will not get broken when dropped from the roof of the school.  There were so many creative ways they came up with to protect their eggs.  Students wrapped them in boxes, tied balloons to it, made a cage around it and wrapped it in a few other ways.   Many eggs survived but a few did get some cracks but it was such a fun activity either way.  Great job kindergarteners!

Thank You PTA!

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We just wanted to give a HUGE shout out to our awesome PTA!  They have worked so hard for our school, teachers, staff and students this year.  The PTA has put together monthly munchies for the staff, volunteered for many different events and in classes, provided dinners for teachers at SEP's and so many other things behind the scenes.  Larsen Elementary truly thanks you for everything you do.  Our PTA is the best!

Mrs. Arrington Receives Teacher of the Year Award

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Congratulations to Mrs. Arrington for receiving her Teacher of the Year Award last night.  This is what was said about her:

“Maren is a rockstar and always organized and prepared for her students. She is one of the most reflective teachers and is constantly searching for ideas and strategies to help improve her teachings. Maren works tirelessly for the success of her students and the school. Her positivity is a treasure.”

By Lana Hiskey

Parents and Pastries

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Parents and Pastries is being held on Wednesday, April 13th from 8:00-8:30.  A book will be coming home for each child.  It will be a Grab and Go Style again this year through the drive thru lane.